To create a reputable 100% Canadian branded recreational and medicinal product that people can enjoy worldwide.


Our Vision is to give people variety and an alternative to pre-made edible cannabis based products that are healthy, versatile, convenient, and at affordable prices, with research into the medicinal benefits of our products.


Our name is Trademarked and will be recognizable worldwide.


Our process & formulations are our Trade Secret.


Maple syrup is one of Canada's most important and highly visible food products. It's a harbinger of Spring, and a symbol of our Canadian identity, both nationally and abroad for many Canadians.


Our products are made from nurturing Canadian nature. Every year, when the cold Winter is over, Spring brings warmer weather. This warm weather causes the natural sap to start running in the Maple trees. Our process is 100% Canadian and uses 100% Organic Maple sap.


This is where MAPLEJUANA begins.


The sap is made into maple syrup. This 100% Canadian Maple Syrup is combined with medical grade Marijuana. This delicious blend is infused into all of our MAPLEJUANA branded products.


The MAPLEJUANA & our trade secret recipes will be manufactured and distributed by licensed producers & distributors in the various legal markets throughout North America. MAPLEJUANA will strictly adhere to each locations regulatory laws. 




Cannabis + Maple Syrup. It doesn't get more Canadian then that. Also, the two combine to create a product that tastes both delicious and is packed full of potenial health benefits. These are our MAPLEJUANA products.



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Muskoka, Ontario



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